A New Way to Love Your Wedding Gown

Another trend these days is simply called TRASH THE DRESS. After the wedding is over, the dress goes into storage or is hung in a closet to lay there for years, never to be worn again. These days brides & grooms are taking photos the day after their weddings at the beach or at a pool. I witnessed a couple at the Jersey Shore, all dressed up for the big event, standing poolside with the bouquet in hand.  All at once did an about face and fell backwards into the water, as our photographer snapped away.


 I have seen others jumping in the ocean waters to create the same image! It looks fun & it will make a great thank-you note or as a keep sake for years to come. This was just over a year ago, I am sure there are many ways to go about trashing that gown or dress…go to a dance club, wear something underneath & go with friends &have them start to shred the dress in pieces, then give those pieces to your guests or friends as a reminder of your fun night out dancing in a club. They’ll be those who’ll skydive, or go snorkeling, bring the dress with you & have it photographed in a new & all exciting new way of actually “trashing it” Then share them with us, so that we can post & or comment on your creativity.